Barista course

Barista course

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Have you dreamed of making that perfect espresso or achieving that silky smooth milk? This course is for you, the home barista, who wants to elevate your coffee experience to the next level.

During this barista course, we teach you how to calibrate your espresso using the coffee grinder and the right dosage. You will get a basic overview of all the techniques needed for the best espresso. Then, you will foam milk with our guidance and get tips on how to create delicious latte art. Finally, we go through the classic café menu and how to clean our espresso machine.

  • Presentation “from plant to cup”
  • The craft of working with the espresso machine
  • Calibrating espresso
  • Tasting 2 styles of espresso - made by yourself
  • Milk foming
  • Latte art

During the course, we offer fika (and coffee, of course!), and afterwards, you can shop from the retail shelf with a 20% discount.

This course is held in English. Den här kursen hålls på engelska, om du hellre vill att vi pratar svenska kan du kolla in den svenska kursens datum här.

Kursen hålls på vår kaffebar på Swedenborgsgatan 7 och vi stänger lite tidigare denna dag så vi får hålla på ostörda! Du behöver inte ha med dig någonting till kursen, allt vi behöver finns där!

Om du skulle få förhinder kan du boka om eller boka av kursen via mail till senast 48 h innan kurstillfället, avbokar du senare erbjuder vi endast återbetalning av avgiften tillsammans med ett läkarintyg.

Kaffeprovning is held in Swedish so its best if you understand at least a little. If you are English speaking that is not a problem, we will make sure everyone understands but please send an email to Joel on to give us a heads up!

  • Check dates for Kaffeprovning here.

Baristakurs is a more technical session and thats why we have added specific course dates when English is the primary language.

  • Check out dates for the English course here.
  • Kolla på datum för den svenska kursen här