A cappuccino, brewed coffee or spiced rooibos tea? Our extensive coffee and tea selection is unsurpassed. If you wish to eat, our bread with peanut butter and sun dried tomatoes could be something new to try.

Tell us what type of drink you would like and our barista will make recommendations. You can also buy coffee, coffee brewers and other specialities. Even if you are familiar with a certain coffee drink, it can vary immensely every time. Many things impact the taste of coffee.

These include the

  • coffee variety
  • method of processing the coffee berries
  • method of roasting the coffee berries
  • method of preparing the coffee.

For example, the coffee we use has been roasted slowly by hand so the taste has developed over time. Our roasters stem from the year 1956. In addition to great coffee and tea, the origin of the coffee and farmers are important to us. We favor products based on the Fair trade and Direct trade operating models.

Sun-Fri 4-20 and Sat 4-19 

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+358 50 525 2176

Johan & Nyström

Johan & Nyström is a great coffee family that is changing lives through our coffee revolution. One cup at a time.