Delicious Days

Delicious days

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Contents Whole Beans, 250 g

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What defines a truly great day? Is it something extraordinary, or simply a day you genuinely enjoy? Perhaps it's a mix of both. The best days are when everything just feels right – those are the Delicious Days. Just like this coffee, you recognize the flavours while being surprised by notes that tickle your taste buds. Here, you'll find juicy orange, rich nougat, and crispy red apples - irresistible flavours. And if you're having a bad day, have a cup of this washed coffee, and you'll see it get better instantly.

ROAST PROFILE Here, we turn up the temperature slightly when roasting. The beans in Delicious Days are grown at high altitudes and need a lot of energy in the roast - both to build body and preserve acidity. Heating up means we initially have an intense profile, with a relatively short Maillard reaction*, and instead, extend the time for the beans to develop their taste.

ORIGIN The current origin of the coffee in Delicious Days is the Menendez Family in El Salvador, with whom we have maintained a collaborative partnership for over 15 years. For four generations, the family has diligently overseen every step of the process, from harvesting the cherries to exporting the beans.

*The Maillard reaction is a chemical reaction that occurs during roasting, enhancing flavour and color.

The Flavours are all about lifting the natural flavour of each coffee. The contents of the pack are changing in line with the harvest periods that vary throughout the year in different parts of the world. Most of the coffee is single origin, but sometimes we can feel that a mixture is what's best consistent with the coffee's taste profile.

We work together with some of the best producers in the world, most of which are part of our Direct Trade programme. The coffee comes from specific loots which are often small, and that is always of the highest quality. The series extends from the safe, familiar taste to more adventuring and daring. Flavours are perfect for the one who is looking for an exceptional cup which really highlights the unique taste and nature of the coffee.

We offer four different coffee series, from House where the flavours are more familiar, to Prime which offers the absolute top tier of specialty coffee quality.

The House seriesis the foundation we stand upon, featuring specialty coffees from some of the 15 producers we work with closely, all among the best in the world. Each coffee offers a unique blend and flavour profile, and with such variety in the series, we dare say there’s a taste for (almost) everyone. To follow the harvest seasons, we rotate the origin and recipe throughout the year. This ensures the coffee is always fresh, the flavours consistent, and the cup truly delightful! In this series, you’ll find various espresso and filter coffees, both as whole beans and ground.

The Flavours series is where we truly elevate the natural flavours of each coffee. Most of the coffees are single origin, but as the contents of the product change with harvest seasons, occasionally a blend might better suit the r profile. Flavours is perfect for those seeking an exceptional cup where the coffee’s unique taste and character truly gets to shine!

The Farmers series. is a tribute to the skilled and dedicated producers which we have a close relationship with. For this series, we purchase limited quantities of specific lots that really stand out when we taste them. It could be the variety or a specific part of the farm that truly brings out the best in the coffee. The flavours of these coffees are often sweet and floral, with hints of fruit or berries, broadening the horizons on what coffee can taste like. It is with a lot of pride we highlight our producers and their incredible craftsmanship.

The Prime series is the top tier of specialty coffee. These coffees are of unmatched quality and flavour and drinking them is an experience itself. Sourced only 3-4 times a year, our Prime coffees are extremely limited and highly coveted, with only around 200 bags available of each. These coffees are often of exclusive and rare varieties and produced using modern and innovative methods. For those seeking the ultimate coffee experience, our Prime series is sure to satisfy even the most refined palates.

We specialize in specialty coffee, which means that all the coffee we purchase scores at least 80 points on a 100-point scale – a grading system established by the international coffee organization SCA.

We hold high standards for the producers we work with, both in terms of sustainability and quality. Both aspects demand more and come at a cost, which we gladly pay. The right price is worth every cent!

10 years or more – that's how long we have been working with several of our producers. Simply because they are the best, and we know and trust each other. When we begin new collaborations, which also happens from time to time, we do so with the intention of celebrating 10 years and beyond with them as well. Our close and longstanding relationships are built on a shared philosophy and a desire to improve the conditions for coffee farmers worldwide. Through sustainability and quality!

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