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We love coffee

We love coffee. And we want you to feel the same. We are the big little coffee roastery driven by the desire to make the coffee tastier, more exciting and better. We roast coffee that challenges both the industry and ourselves, every day. And we can do so thanks to our long-term and close relationships with some of the best coffee producers in the world. People who are as dedicated as we are. Who also know how important the ecosystem is for the quality and the future. The result is better coffee, for everyone.



The fact that the quality of the raw coffee is important is clear, but equally important to a good cup is how it roast. There are two words of warning and patiently two words to ensure that the tasteful taste is given a proper chance to develop properly. To pick out the best flavor out of every bean is a true craftsmanship. Each coffee has its unique best-way way to get real good and it can divorce itself from harvesting to harvest. Our roasting champions test and copper (for the name of tasting in coffee) and test and cups again and again until the roast profile is seated.

We're very proud of our roster, which was clearly 2017. In fact, it is one of Europe's most modern specialised cafferots! There are large and small roses, directly linked to the raw coffee store at one end and the packing machines in others.


Our three coffee bars in Stockholm and Helsinki are oases for anyone who likes better coffee. Whether you know everything about coffee and looking for a new inspiration or if you just want a nice cup of coffee, you'll find this. The most important thing for us is that the coffee is the important thing, the noisy bun, is just a little bonus.

Our barilists have all received a solid training of our educators. They will be able to serve both a cappuccino and an impressive latte as a handbrewed cup of one of our latest single orie coffers. Or tea for that matter! As soon as it's news, it's a briefing to make recipes and finlira with methods and machines.



Our Vision

Our vision is about more than good coffee, it is about contributing to a better world-for man and the planet. Our tool to make it is the coffee.


What is specialty coffee?

To fairly compare and evaluate coffee quality worldwide, the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has developed a 100-point scale. Any coffee scoring 80 points or above qualifies as speciality coffee. Reaching 80 points or more requires the coffee to possess various attributes, and the more complex the flavours and aromas, the higher the score. Read more about specialty grade coffee here.


brew guides

Here are our basic guides on how to succeed with your coffee brering. Everything from how to set get right grind size to how many scoops you should actually have in your coffee maker. We hope that these guides will make your coffee experience even better!