Better coffee at work

There are many advantages to having our good coffee at work. Some things we hear from our customers are, for example, that the staff do not go out for coffee on break, but stay at work, which leads to increased efficiency. The fact that the coffee tastes better also means that you happily drink more and become more alert and happy during the day.

Our delicious freshly roasted coffee is really appreciated by everyone in the workplace. My work coffee is better than your work coffee is something all our coffee customers can proudly boast about. The coffee is roasted in Länna south of Stockholm and sent freshly roasted to your office. If you need help with machines and service, we work with really awesome service technicians who specialize in the machines we have carefully selected for your specific needs.

We all come with a coffee background as baristas, or many years of experience in the coffee industry. Not all of our coffee varieties may appeal to everyone, but we guarantee that you will find a favorite in our large range that is perfect for you.

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