Johan & Nyström starts strategic partnership with cafe bar

Johan & Nyström and Café Bar now start a long-term partnership on coffee, machinery and service. The collaboration includes all sales and operation of Johan & Nyström at the Office Coffee market. The cafe bar also becomes subcontractor of machinery and service within Horeca.

Since 2012, Johan & Nyström has delivered a fantastic coffee experience to some of Sweden's best offices. When this trip started, the office was generally of poor quality. The development has over the years resulted in an increasing number of companies to demand an amazing coffee experience to their employees, partners and customers. The coffee is no longer a hygiene factor, rather a clear differentiation factor to attract the right staff.

The best coffee experience in focus for the future

As the office legume has grown, Johan & Nyström also has a coffee shop, in addition to being experts in coffee, expanded its offer to deliver advanced espresso machines, working as Mood Managers and in some cases even been fruit provider. The partnership with cafe bar now allows another focus with office coffee tailor-made for future companies.

"It has been a fantastic fun, exciting, challenging but above all a very educational trip. Our lessons of offering complete solutions in office coffee and the development that happened in this market have led us to now be ready to take the next step to creating the future office coffee ", says Johan Morén, CEO Johan & Nyström.

"For more out there to drink better coffee, we should focus on what we are best at; To buy in, toast and deliver the absolute best coffee market has to offer. This means that we will transfer the other parts to a partner that is best in class when it comes to guarantee the best office coffee experience for machines, service and taste ", Johan continues.

Café Bar - the obvious partner to meet the office of the future

The cafe bar was founded in 1987 by 6 entrepreneurs with passion for coffee. After just a few years, the cafe was nationwide with the goal to always offer a complete solution within the coffee everywhere to everyone. Today, the cafe bar represented with physical workplaces in 23 locations, from Skellefteå in the north to Malmö in the south and works along the motto "a perfect cup of coffee every time". As a supplier, the cafe bar offers top quality coffee machines, warm and cold drinks and excellent service. Of course, with your own staff performing all parts of the delivery.

"The collaboration with Johan & Nyström enables the Swedish offices and workplaces to enjoy Johan & Nyström's special coffee in season combined with the main coffee machines and quick and personal service. We hope that this makes our customers get committed and energy-filled employees who contribute creativity and meeting efficiency ". says Thomas Doyon, CEO Café Bar.

"Our current and future customers will continue to enjoy the same good and sustainable special coffee while everything from ordering and monthly service to fresh coffee stations becomes even smoother. My biggest dream is that everyone should be able to drink amazingly good and sustainable coffee at work and along with the cafe bar, we can now make sure to get there. " concludes Johan Morén.

The partnership starts on September 1 and from then all offices in Sweden have the opportunity to buy sustainable and high quality special coffee toast by Johan & Nyström and delivered by Café Bar. All existing Office Coffee agreements with Johan & Nyström apply and are completed by arrangement.



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