Dear Tea Society - Earnest Earl

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Ekologiskt svart te med en touch av citrusfrisk bergamottolja - 20 st te-pyramider


Earnest likes to daydream about traveling in time. That he could send a message by messenger pigeon. Take a horse down to the pub. He wishes that he could visit Atlantis and the legendary library of Alexandria. Earnest laments the disappearance of the dodo and the Caspian Tiger. He's sad that the art of the letter went out with the birth of the e-mail.

He wonders what the first human songs sounded like. When the grief of all things lost to history comes over him, Earnest reaches for a pot of classic black tea flavored with bergamot oil, the kind of tea that bears his name. He's thankful some things stay the same.

Innehållsförteckning: Organiskt svart te, naturliga smaker.

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